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The best part about their promos is that they’re trying so hard to not laugh. But it doesn’t always work. =D

It has nothing to do with Renee being a female or not, it has to do with her being the right person for the job. She’s got a great voice that cuts through the clutter. She is very knowledgeable about the WWE, about it’s history, about the talent and she is willing to step up to do her homework. I think you are going to see her grow. You’re going to see her jump on this challenge to become a regular fixture and a regular voice, and hopefully one day the voice of WWE.

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Roman Reigns + His glorious mane (requested by litafan4ever)

I just want to be like “how do you make your hair look like that what is your regimen is it vitamins or some kind of pact with the hair gods like just tell me”